Results and impacts of the PADA

Expected qualitative results:

In total, eight results are expected at the end of the Project:

  1. household means of production in flood-affected areas are restored;
  2. Adaptive research results and technology demonstration and extension activities are developed and made available to actors/producers in targeted sectors;
  3. perimeters with partial and total control are developed/rehabilitated;
  4. market infrastructures are built/rehabilitated;
  5. institutions for coordination and management of value chains are established and/or strengthened;
  6. knowledge of the agricultural sector by financing institutions is improved;
  7. The APRM’s capacity to coordinate the implementation of the PSRSA and PNIA is strengthened;
  8. The Project Coordination Team is in place.

Expected quantitative results:

  1. At least 250,000 direct beneficiaries, at least 40% of whom are women, are supported by the Project.
    This support will lead to the following improvements:
  2. The production quantity of cashew nuts and pineapples will be:
    • cashew nuts: 200,000 tonnes;
    • pineapple: 150,000 tonnes.
  3. The yield of rice, maize, pineapple, cashew nuts ( kg/ha) and fish ( kg/ha/year) in the project area will be respectively:
    • Corn: 3,000 kg/ha;
    • rice: 6000 kg/ha;
    • cashew nut: 800 kg/ha ;
    • pineapple: 70 000kg/ha;
    • fish: 6000kg/ha/year
  4. The amount of production processed in the project area will be:
    • rice: 100,000 tonnes;
    • cashew nuts: 15,000 tonnes.