Presentation of ProCAD

Context and justification of the program

Benin aspires to be classified as an agricultural power in the West African sub-region by 2015. To achieve this, it has adopted a Strategic Plan for the Development of the Agricultural Sector.

The challenges facing Benin’s agricultural sector are threefold:

  • Coverage of the population’s food and nutritional needs;
  • Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural and rural sector;
  •  Improving the attractiveness of agricultural activity and the rural environment.

To meet these challenges, it seemed important to improve the level of agricultural productivity, strengthen diversification and conquer the market.

It is within this framework that the Government of Benin and the World Bank have agreed since 2012 to set up the Framework Programme for Support to Agricultural Diversification (ProCAD), which is the framework for coordinating the implementation of interventions financed by the World Bank in the agricultural sector in Benin.

The Agricultural Diversification Support Project (PADA) and the West African Agricultural Productivity Project (WAAPP) have been the two projects under the coordination of ProCAD for about 6 years. In the future, it could host any other projects that the Government or the Technical and Financial Partners may wish to entrust to it.

Implemented for five consecutive years, the PADA and the PPAAO-Benin have received additional funding of 4 and 3 years respectively, based on their brilliant results.

Objectives of the Framework Programme

The general objective of the ProCAD is to coordinate, as a matter of priority, the interventions financed by the World Bank in the agricultural sector.

Specifically, ProCAD aims to:

  • ensure the implementation of PADA activities
  • ensure the implementation of WAAPP activities

ProCAD’s intervention area

The Programme’s intervention area is the extent of the national territory, in all eight (08) agro-ecological zones of Benin.

Target Groups

The beneficiaries are farmers, market gardeners, aquaculturists, livestock breeders, agro-industrialists and professional and inter-professional organisations through the PADA and PPAAO projects.

Intervention strategy

ProCAD’s intervention strategy is based on “making it happen” and “doing with it”