Results and impacts of the ProCAD

Expected results

Through the two projects under its supervision, ProCAD provides support through the following activities:

  • promoting the adoption of improved technologies;
  • the development of production and marketing infrastructures;
  • the development of sustainable agricultural financing mechanisms;
  • strengthening producer organisations, promoting the private agricultural sector and strengthening the partnership between these two categories of actors;
  • support to the APRM for the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Agricultural Sector and its National Agricultural Investment Plan (PSDSA/PNIA).

Results achieved since 2012

  •  Total production of 44.5 tonnes of pre-basic and basic maize and rice seed to meet the seed needs of certified seed producers for the 2013-2014 crop year.
  • Finalization in progress of the procedures for financing the 20 selected research and technology transfer projects,
  • Finalization in progress of the formalities for the start of the training of 10 PhD candidates and 10 MSc candidates.
  • Bringing national texts into line with ECOWAS Regulations 3 and 4,
  • Import of 8 technologies from WAAPP member countries.
  • Definition of the fields and research axes of the CNS-Maize with the participation of 7 countries of the PPAAO.
  • Completion of negotiations with CIRAD to support the accreditation of INRAB’s soil, water and environment laboratory in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17-025.