Women and Youth Space

ProCAD carries out specific social actions aimed at vulnerable groups such as women and young people. In the execution of all its activities, ProCAD ensures the representation of women. The table below shows the percentage of women’s participation in some of its flagship activities:

ActivitiesResultsNumber of beneficiariesNumber of womenPercentage of women
Organization of a capacity building session for APRM focal points and DDAEPs on gender79 participants including 18 women, or about 22.27% women791823%
Organization of a capacity building of the PFES of the DDAEPs and the Technical Departments involved in the environmental monitoring/monitoring of projects70 people including 11 women, or 16%.701116%
Training of nurserymen trainers in Ghana on the production of cashew tree grafted plants45 nursery growers trained in Ghana on techniques for grafting cashew nut plans451124 %
Organization of advocacy, with decision-makers in the partner structures of the PPAAO on gender mainstreaming according to the results of the situation analysis17 people, including 8 women, took part in advocacy17847%
Validation of the PPAAO gender action plan23 people including 8 women23835%
Training of one hundred (100) out-of-school youth in production and processing at the SONGHAÏ Centre100 young people selected to benefit from training at the Songhaï centre, including 25 women1002525%
Provide Masters/DEA degree courses for APRM staff14 APRM scholarship students in training out of 15 planned1417%
Continue Masters/DEA degree coursesProvision of computers to students of the first wave of the PPAAO-FA enrolled in both Beninese and Ibadan Universities541528%
Continue Masters/DEA degree coursesTraining of 18 students from the first wave enrolled in the FSA/UAC (5) and UP (13), in scientific writing and validation of their research protocol.18211
Training of elected producers of POs on how to take gender into account in the dissemination of technologies generated for the development of flagship sectors.238 people including 87 women, or 37%.2388737%
Delivery of crushers (1st wave)570 people including 201 women, or 35%.57020135%
Organisation of a training workshop for PMU members on the environmental and social protection of the ProCAD: Internalization of the CGES PGP safeguard documents, Climate Plan 20 people including 7 women, i.e. 35%.20735%
Organization of a capacity building of the PFES of the DDAEPs and the Technical Departments involved in the environmental monitoring/monitoring of projects51 people including 11 women, or 22%.511122%
Training feedback for gender and environment focal pointsIn total, 9 structures respected their commitments to return the training; the returns reached 165 people, 45 of whom were women, 26.65% of whom were women. 1654527%
Training of Innovation Platforms on actor approaches for change and technical facilitation tools39 people, including 10 women, or 26%.391126%