Mission to supervise the multiplication of the SRI in pole 5 PADA

In order to reverse the gradually negative trends affecting rice productivity in Benin, the PADA-FA plans to increase the use of the SRI at the level of its beneficiaries and to make it, in the short and long term, a rice cultivation method adopted by a large majority of producers in a very short time frame. This system is a production method designed to increase yield while significantly reducing the input of external inputs and seeds.

In order to achieve this objective, it is planned, following the training of trainers on the SRI, to increase the use of this technology in Poles 1 and 5. This duplication began on Monday, October 08 and lasted twelve (12) days in Pole 5.

A supervision team was therefore set up to support the CCR-B trainers in the various villages where the training is taking place. A mission of the said supervision team then visited the municipalities of Zangnanado, Covè, Zogbodomey and Ouinhi.

Overall, the multiplication of the SRI has been approved by all producers. No major difficulties were encountered due to the proper preparation of the mission. It should be noted that the trained beneficiaries made some complaints, namely:

  • the development of some of their operations
  • the equipment of their site with motor pumps, boots, motor cultivators….

The multiplication phase of the SRI for the benefit of the beneficiaries went well in the four rice producing communes in cluster 5. Participants showed great interest in the various communications. As a result of this duplication, 832 producers, including 415 women, were trained. The results obtained augur well for the achievement of the objectives expected of this activity.