ProCAD/community radio partnership for a better visibility of ProCAD activities

During two days, from 13 to 14 November 2018, the ProCAD conference room will be used as a framework for the workshop on the implementation of partnership contracts between ProCAD and community radio stations to ensure the visibility of the activities of the PADA and PPAAO-BENIN projects, their promotion and the improvement of their image among the general public.
The objective of this workshop is to support ProCAD in the implementation phase of its communication plan, particularly in the “Mediatization of all these activities” section, and to guarantee the environment in which the partnership contract with these community radio stations will be implemented. It is therefore essential and necessary to share with the executing structures the main axes of this mediatization component.
About fifty participants, including representatives of DDAEPs, ATDAs, community radio stations and others, are actively participating in the work of this workshop.