Training of trainers on the intensive rice farming system

To improve the situation, the PADA introduced to its beneficiaries the Intensive Rice System (IRS), a production method designed to increase irrigated rice cultivation, by changing the management of plants, soil, water and nutrients while reducing external inputs with a very significant reduction in the quantity of seeds and vegetative development and a much higher tillering.

As part of the multiplication of this technology, from 17 to 22 September 2018, 60 technicians (40 CCR-B technicians and 20 ATDA 1 and 5 technicians) will be trained on the SRI. This report reports on the different stages of the training.
Reminder of the objectives

The overall objective is the large-scale dissemination of the Intensive Rice farming System (IRS) on the developed sites of the PADA with a view to increasing rice productivity to ensure food security and therefore reduce the vulnerability of populations in a context of climate change.
Course of the training

The workshop was divided into three stages:

  • The presentation of the papers in the room followed by debates
  • Practical work on site
  • Planning for gearing

Download the full training report