45 Beninese nursery trainers at the Ghanaian nursery school

As part of the implementation of its activities under the first year of the additional phase, the Programme d’Appui à la Diversification Agricole (ProCAD) through its West Africa Agricultural Productivity Project (WAAPP-Benin) supported the training of forty-five (45) nursery trainers during the months of February and March 2018, including eleven (11) women or 24.44% on cashew tree grafting techniques in Wenchi, Ghana. This research centre, which has the largest cashew nut nursery in West Africa, produced more than eighty thousand (80,000) cashew nut grafted plants in 2017.

This training contributes to the implementation of the Government’s Programme of Action by producing 600,000 cashew tree grafted plants over three years (2017-2020).

This capacity building program, which lasted a total of two weeks, was planned to take place in two phases of 25 nurserymen for each phase. But it actually took place with 25 nurserymen from 25 February to 03 March and 20 nurserymen from 11 to 17 March to the second.

The objective of this capacity building is to train and equip training nurserymen to achieve the best rates of success in cashew tree grafting.

This activity was supervised by the Project Manager of the WAAPP in collaboration with Technology Transfer Specialists and the Private Sector and then Research Support.